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Every once in a while you might have audio that you want to record on your computer with the internal mic. For me, I occasionally record phone conferences so that I can review the information after the meeting, then I need to re-record them because of the recording tools we use through my company (it also helps to listen to the recording again). I was frustrated by the newer operating systems in both Mac and PC doing away with the easy ability to record internal audio (so that no outside sounds can be heard). If you use a Mac with the Lion operating system or higher, follow these steps to record audio on your computer.

Programs you need:
Soundflower – Download
Garageband – Comes with Mac OS.

1. Download Soundflower and install.
2. Open System Preferences and click the Sound icon.

Recording internal audio with garageband - system preferences

3. Select Soundflower (2ch) as Output and Input.
Recording internal audio with garageband - system preferences

4. Open Garageband and create a new track. Don’t click create yet.
5. Select Real Instrument.
Recording internal audio with garageband - s

6. Open the Instrument Setup Section.
7. Set the options as shown:
Recording internal audio with garageband - instrument settings
My instrument is connected with: Soundflower (2ch)
Stereo 1/2
I hear sound from: System Setting
Check the box for “I want to hear my instrument as I play and record.”

8. Make sure that your source sound is queued up.
9. Click record in Garageband.
10. Start playing your source sound.
11. Click stop in Garageband when you are done.

After your recording is complete, make sure that you set your System Preferences back to Built-in Microphone and Built-in Speakers so that your sound works normally again.

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