Review of the ShoeMoney System – Its Not a Scam!

Internet millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker teaches you how to do what he did in his step by step system, the ShoeMoney Network…

I started trying to make money online in 2007 and I’ve tried many many many… many “make money online” systems. I’ve fallen into the same trap that Jeremy Schoemaker is trying to remedy with his ShoeMoney system. You buy a program or system, usually for less than $50, with a money back guarantee, so you have little to nothing to lose. You’re going to make millions!!! What is $47?

Then then one of a few things happens:

  • You pay, sign up, and never look at it again.
  • You download the materials, tinker around on the site, become overwhelmed and never look at it again.
  • You start with great enthusiasm, run into a roadblock and never look at it again.
  • You achieve great success and become an internet millionaire. Um… chances are you haven’t gotten to this one or else you wouldn’t be reading this!

Well, I saw this one day, in yet another newsletter that I had joined and then immediately began ignoring, that this “guru” wanted to try something different. He was frustrated by seeing the number of people who joined his programs but then never logged in or took advantage of the tools.

Here’s what caught my eye… he said that he would PAY me, through PayPal, to stop fooling around and fooling myself and just walk through his system, step by step.

Click here to check it out now.

I started off easy. I clicked the link and did the first step: Create a share on Facebook. Hey, I do this every day, for free and often making money for others, I’m sure, so I knew I could handle it. I did the step and immediately saw a dollar in my PayPal account. And just like Jeremy predicted, that one step lead to the next and the next, and now I’m almost done.

I’m a very task oriented person, so the short simple steps outlined in this system really worked for me. I could do them within a few minutes, and after I was done, I wanted to see what would be next. Earning a dollar for each task hasn’t hurt either. I’ve got my momentum going! Finally.

I made money for finishing each task, I got my website set up, and I started on my way to finally realizing some internet success. The program walks you through registering for website hosting, starting an email list, working with WordPress, using the best plugins, setting up social sharing, etc etc. I already knew how to do most of this, but all of the steps took it to a new level with tips and details that I did not already know. The best thing so far was a better WordPress SEO tool that I’d never heard of or used before.

Oh, and I never paid for a new program.


The tasks are tiered in levels, like karate, so you earn belts. This was kind of fun.
By the time I got up to my black belt I had earned $15, and my website is almost ready to go start earning passive income.

What I appreciated most about this system is that it motivated me to DO something. I saw the benefits and got moving in the right direction within a few days. It forced me to complete each step because the next step is locked until the previous one is complete. This is key because with most programs, I spend too much time analyzing and reading through and previewing without actually doing anything.

Find out what is different about the ShoeMoney system….

I’m capable of wasting A LOT of time online, playing games, facebook lurking, shopping and building wishlists, organizing my to do list, paying bills, yet this is the first time in a long while that I have been really motivated and inspired to get proactive on what I want to do and working toward my goals. This program is free and of tremendous value.

Full Disclosure: I do know that Jeremy makes money off of some of the tie-ins used in the program, or that he will.. but the only thing I paid for is web hosting, which most people absolutely need to get started anyway. And the price is dirt cheap. You also don’t have to use the hosting if you already have hosting, it just helps to follow the system.

Basically, there’s nothing to lose here. No catch, no gimmick, no fuss. Sign up and earn your first dollar online. You’ll be hooked. Thanks Jeremy!!! Click here to register.

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