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If you are still trying to find reasons for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair this article will provide you with some justifications for why it might be a great idea for you.
I don’’t take anything away from anyone who wants to style their hair in whatever way they want to style it. I had fun with chemically straightened hair and I liked the way that my hair looked. What I did not like was the expense, the toll it took on my hair and scalp and whatever unknown damage I was doing to my lungs and body with those chemicals. If you are considering going natural here are some of the reasons why it might be a good decision for you:

  • To achieve healthier hair and scalp – Let’s face it. Chemical hair straightener is made up of some extremely harsh chemicals which can damage your scalp causing dryness, dandruff and other unpleasant scalp conditions. Let’s not even talk about the scabs you get from getting the straightener burns. If you haven’t seen Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” you should definitely watch it if only to see the scenes about hair straightener. It will blow you away. I can imagine that the fumes of the chemicals aren’t exactly great for us either. And when I would get my hair straightened, I would always swear that I could feel the chemicals seeping into my brain and it made me very sleepy. Maybe that was just my imagination.
  • To end the abuse – Speaking of burns… I still get a little chill when I think of that burning feeling waiting for my stylist to just finish off that last section.. .and oh I want to let it stay on as long as I can stand it so that my hair actually gets straight! We have all been there. Going natural means never having another chemical burn again. And you can scratch your head whenever and wherever you feel like it!
  • To save money – If you get your hair straightened at a salon, I don’t need to explain the costs involved. If you do it yourself, it’s somewhat less expensive, but there’s always the cost of the necessary relaxers and neutralizing shampoos. Once you go natural and get a good stock of natural products, your monthly hair costs should be close to zero.
  • To experience the spiritual gratification of being you – This one is a little more subjective, but there is something wonderful and empowering about experiencing your full natural self. I will always argue that weaves, wigs, and hair straightening are as much of African-American culture as are afros, locs, and braids because all of the styles come from our cultural creativity, artistry and ingenuity. But walking with a fully natural head of hair can’t help but give you a sense of authenticity and pride. There is a certain amount of freedom in not trying to alter anything which feels great.

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