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Are you looking for some straightforward advice on how to improve your runway walk and book jobs doing runway? Read on for some key fashion modeling tips from top professional models and model trainers.

Following these tips can help you to book the job when you audition for a runway fashion show or help you for an actual show to be able to give your best performance while modeling.



  • Always show up. When it comes to auditions the key phrase is “you never know.” Clients might think they want one thing, but then see you and realize you are what they want. By the same token, don’t take it personally if you aren’t what they are looking for.
  • Practice as much as possible. It takes time, experience and practice to be a star on the runway. Always be in runway mode whether you are walking down the street or down the hallway to the kitchen. Believe, those who master fashion modeling have studied and practiced to get to the tip top.
  • Know your role & commit to it. Remember what you are trying to sell or convey when you are modeling. Tips: it’s not about you, work your outfits and do what the designer or producer has asked you to do.
  • See your performance before you go out. Take the time to visualize in your mind and create a vision of what you want on the runway. See your beginning & your end. Own your moments in your mind, then own them on the runway!
  • Speak positive words to yourself. Keep a positive mindset and attitude and your performance will be excellent. “I am beautiful. I am fierce. I am confident.” should be your mantra.
  • Remember to always meditate or pray before you walk your walk.
  • Ask questions if you’re not sure what to do before the show.
  • Before you enter the runway make sure you do a model body shape. Stand tall, shoulders back, breathe, be relaxed & enjoy your runway journey.
  • Have fun! If you are having fun with it, you will project the best and most confident personality for the runway.
  • Feel the music of your segment. Hear the music and listen for the beat.
  • Stay in your lane. Never walk in other models lines.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t attack too many poses, swing your arms or gallop down the runway. Keep it smooth and poised.
  • Ladies give some hips. Work your fierceness, own it!
  • Pause for at least 3 to 5 seconds at the end of the runway. Take your time and don’t rush your moments. Remember you want the cameras to catch you.
  • Connect with the crowd. Eye contact is key.

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