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30 Day Shred Review
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If you try Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred you should start seeing results in about 5 days. A great thing about the fast results you see with the 30 Day Shred is that you instantly become motivated by your own progress.

By following this awesome workout you can achieve that awesome toned body that you want just in time for the summer bikini season. If you watch the biggest loser, then you know that Jillian teaches workouts using the principle of muscle confusion. This means you keep your muscles guessing and you do not reach a development plateau as you would with most workout programs where you do the same routine every time. This also leads to very fast results. The 30 Day Shred uses muscle confusion to slim and tone your body and you will see amazing results before you know it.

The workouts are moderately challenging and require light weights as well as a lot of your own self motivation and determination.

Take your measurements before you start so that you can really see and judge your progress. Its also great to keep a measurements and weight log. There is nothing more exciting than watching those numbers drop as you complete workouts on a regular basis.

This is a top rated exercise program with very few user complaints. Click here to check out the DVDs on Amazon.com

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